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With over 14 years of experience, Mike Rosenthal draws profile caricatures (side views)  in less than 1 minute in full color! You read it correctly…1 minute. In all these years Mike has never seen someone faster.  Mike’s live caricatures are more than just fun drawings as a momento for your event but an experience. Mike can entertain your guests while drawing them with his charisma, extraverted “life of the party demeanor” and witty banter, and make the gentleman look funny or tough and studly and flatter the ladies with glamorous drawings at the same time. Drawing with permanent ink and colored with unique pastel chalk, applied with a glove, this is an experience that really makes your event memorable. And Mike can even draw up to 6 faces on one customized background. Whether it be couples at your party, co-workers or groups it really is unique that a caricaturist can draw so many people all together.

With customized backgrounds created specifically for your event, your clients will take a piece of your event with them as memorabilia and remember your corporate party above all others, your employees will feel appreciated and your friends or guests will be honored and never forget the party with the caricaturist.  Whether you are planning a special event for clients, a company picnic or holiday party, or a grad night—Mike is willing to travel up to 100 miles from San Francisco to draw up to 30 of your special guests per hour! No other caricaturist in the Bay Area can draw as many of your guests as Mike can—so contact him for a free quote.